Ceramica Nazari

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Ceramica Nazari

The exhibition can be seen at the Museum of the Alhambra between May 18, 2018 and April 21, 2019. Free admission.

Winter timetable (from October 15 to April 1):

From 8.30 to 18.00 from Wednesday to Saturday

From 8.30 to 2.30pm on Sundays and Tuesdays

Closed Monday

From May 18, 2018 to April 21, 2019 you can enjoy the “Nazari Architectonic Ceramic” Exhibition at the Alhambra Museum. This exhibition shows examples of ceramic pieces associated with architecture and we can see how this material appears in a great variety of construction elements, roofs, walls, floors, etc.

The exceptional of these pieces is its glazed finish, which has allowed to preserve a color and a quality that speaks of an Alhambra full of color and decorative beauty. The ornamental themes are also very rich: architectural, epigraphic, geometric and figurative motifs. On the other hand, there is a huge variety of techniques used to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional finish.