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A Magical Place

The palace of the Navas has an interesting history, from its origin when it was commanded to build in the XVI century for its residence the captain D. Francisco de Navas, who participated actively in the reconquest of the Kingdom of Granada. The location of the palace has been a reference throughout history, in its origin this neighborhood was known with the name of “Axibin”, and was the place chosen by the Arabs dedicated to the ceramics in the Nazari period.

Later, it was a residential area of reference for the high nobility and the Granada aristocracy, being the palace of the Navas an icon of the architecture of the time, with a design very similar to the facade of the Real Chancillería and the convents of century XVI.


The main facade has 3 floors and 2 lateral towers with rectilinear depressed arches between brick pilasters. In the central floor there is a central balcony and 2 side bars of forging that are perfectly preserved.

The entrance is of cushioned stone, with superior cornice and grate on it, a great door of wood spiked with ironworks and alguazas, it gives way to a vestibule, and this one to a patio that is peristyle with four Tuscan columns and shoes of acanthus leaf With metamorphosis at its end where carved heads of animals and humans, all different. In the center of the courtyard is a low Arab white marble fountain.

A wide staircase of 3 sections takes us to the upper galleries, now converted into comfortable rooms.

The palace has had different uses: Hospital, Mint, was also convent of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, and has reached our days
Converted into a hotel full of history.

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